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Vinyl vs Coating



Visible seam lines No seam anywhere on deck, providing a much cleaner look
Seams can come apart which may lead to rot etc. (seams must be fixed immediately) No seams, no water
All corners of a deck require welding and patching these welds and patches may allow water in and become an area of concern No seams or patches. Our products form a monolithic membrane around corners or posts, etc.
Membrane can be torn, ripped and cut relatively easy. Home owner must be aware when moving furniture, barbecues, etc. Extremely difficult to damage coating as it is far more dense and thicker than vinyl.
If membrane is torn, ripped or cut, patches needed. We simply repair damage and apply top coat. Almost an invisible repair.
UV rays affect vinyl causing the vinyl to begin to fade and accelerate the aging process Sustainable – Protective UV coat added at the end of installation process providing a great look and protection for years. This coating can be reapplied over and over.
Stubborn stains and dirt penetrate the grooves of the material, pressure washing is not recommended. Easy to clean. Soap and water.
Replacing of vinyl is expensive and labor is intensive. Material must be taken off, surface filled and re-sanded, then new vinyl applied. No need to remove, just re-apply over old system. Coating far outlasts vinyl with very little maintenance
Slip-resistant surface comes embossed Higher level of slip resistance can be achieved. Granules can be applied to suit your needs.
Very little or no resistance to stains and chemicals. Far better stain resistance and superior capacity of handling chemicals etc.
A cigarette burn would at least cause a burn and most likely a hole in the vinyl. Patch repaired in most cases. The same cigarette may at most mar the surface slightly and most likely extinguish itself. Easy, almost invisible repair if needed.
Generally beige or grey materials, extras like borders require seams. Tons of color choices and combinations
Very difficult to customize, if at all. We can customize any surface from custom color combinations to corporate logos, designs, etc.
No realistic type finishes such as granite available Finish available in many color combinations